MCC, Lower Manhattan Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died, Transfers Out All Inmates

It was announced in August the Metropolitan Correctional Center would empty

  • The news followed a string of scandals and hellish accounts of the conditions

  • Inmates and lawyers have complained of overflowing toilets and rat infestations 

  • The MCC has held some of the most notorious inmates, including Jeffery Epstein

  • Other notorious inmates include drug lord El Chapo, and Al Qaeda terrorists 

  • Most of its remaining inmates will be moved to a prison in Brooklyn where Epstein's longtime girlfriend and associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, is being held

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    The notorious Manhattan jail where Jeffery Epstein killed himself will be temporarily emptied of prisoners by the end of today, according to court papers.

    The Bureau of Prisons have been transferring inmates from the Metropolitan Correctional Center to its sister jail in Brooklyn, the Metropolitan Detention Center. 


    The Brooklyn facility s where Epstein's former longtime girlfriend and associate Ghislaine Maxwell is being held on charges of sex trafficking, enticement of minors and perjury.

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    'We understand that the transfer of all pretrial inmates will be complete by the end of this week,' attorney Sean Hecker wrote in a filing on Thursday in an ongoing lawsuit against the Bureau, according to the New York Daily News.

    A source confirmed to the New York newspaper that the hellish 12-storey prison, once described by a federal judge as 'disgusting, inhuman as anything I've heard about (in) any Colombian prison,' will soon be empty.

    Plans to close the facility were first reported in August, with officials at the time saying it would be a temporary measure, while others have suggested it could be made permanent if the MCC is deemed surplus to requirements.

    'In an effort to address the issues at MCC NY as quickly and efficiently as possible, the Department has decided to close the MCC, at least temporarily, until those issues have been resolved,' the Justice Department said in a statement at the time. 

    The notorious Manhattan jail where Jeffery Epstein killed himself - the Metropolitan Detention Center (pictured) will be emptied of prisoners by the end of the week, it has been reported

    'The Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that every facility in the federal prison system is not only safe and secure, but also provides people in custody with the resources and programs they need to make a successful return to society after they have served their time,' the statement added.

    Inmates and lawyers have previously complained that MCC was infested with mice, rats and roaches and that multiple inmates were forced to share dirty sinks and toilets that leaked water, urine and feces. 


    Water leaks across multiple floors have been blamed for structural issues. 

    The huge prison, found in lower Manhattan, has previously held more than 700 inmates, but that number fell to just 75 this week, according to BOP figures.

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    Manhattan jail where Epstein killed himself will be emptied out by the end of the week

    Source:Daily Mail

    Manhattan jail where Epstein killed himself will be emptied out by the end of the week